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About ich halte dich e. v.

Give hope: Find out more about the projects of Ich halte dich e. v.

Ich halte dich e.V. is an aid organization based in Offenbach, Germany.
Since the beginning of March, we have been helping Ukrainians who have fled their beloved homeland to Europe due to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

Our history

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine led to numerous Ukrainian refugees coming to Germany. Some of us banded together to help those who had not yet found shelter. While we worked together to provide shelter and urgently needed food, we also got to know young Ukrainian refugees. From their stories we learned that these people needed more than material help.


Even though much of what they had fought for in life was taken away from them, they still seemed to have the will to keep fighting and face new challenges. We wanted to be more than just someone saying, “Have dreams!” We wanted to become comrades-in-arms who helped them achieve their dreams. And so we presented them with a first dream, a goal - the Mriya project.


“Mriya” means dream in Ukrainian and is also the name of the world's largest cargo plane from Ukraine. The Russians had destroyed this aircraft at the beginning of the war and wanted to use it to destroy the Ukrainians' dream. But they could not break the will of Ukrainians to realize their dreams and their freedoms.


We founded the Mriya Project, named after this cargo plane, to create a Ukrainian dance team that would take part in the World Cultural Dance Festival in the summer of 2022 and bring Ukraine's name to the world. We dreamed that if the team won the competition, it would show the strength and optimism of Ukraine in times of war and give the young members of the dance team clear goals for their dreams.


The journey to this dream was by no means easy. The Ukrainian dancers who wanted to join the team needed passports, visas, corona vaccinations and plane tickets for 50 people. They needed an organization that could support them through all of this.

Those involved in the Mriya project founded a non-profit organization to help these young people realize their dream.

This is how Ich halte dich e.V. came into being.

Our goals


We encourage collaboration between different organizations and people who are committed to similar goals.


We collect donations to provide funds for charitable purposes.

Public relation:

We inform the public about our work to raise awareness of our goals and activities.

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